OGF Left hand has to bear back against the right

The Reason Why
Many Players "Slice"

"It is highly desirable that we have all the hand strength it is possible for us to acquire. The reason why many players "slice" is because they either do not have strong hands or they fail to use their hand strength at the critical moment when the power of the stroke is to be transmitted to the ball. A golfer is no stronger than his hands." Original Golf Fundamentals, Dunns of Musselburgh Scotland

Prevent Leverage Collapse

Bear Back Against The Right

Download : 'A slice is that part of a ball's flight in which the ball curves to the right' "Bad timing of the wrist action causes the ball to fly in a curve" and "The wrists always snap directly in front of the body," DUNNS' Original Golf Fundamentals, Musselburgh, Scotland.

At the moment of impact the hands work NOT together

Download : 'USE YOUR HANDS, i. e. Prevent Leverage Collapse' "The left hand must bear back against the right." DUNNS' Original Golf Fundamentals, Musselburgh, Scotland.

The Full Swing Stroke by Seymour Dunn 1922

"Golf is said to be 90% mental game. A banker who subscribed to that theory appeared for his regular Sunday morning round with one of those chaise-longues-on-wheels so popular for lawns and terraces. "What's your caddy dragging that thing along for?" "Caddy, hell," said the banker. "He's my psychiatrist." 'The Complete Joke Book' By Seymour Dunn, Illustrated by Al Ross, Stravon Publishers, New York, 1953, $2.00

Download : Musselburgh Links: Golf & Glory THE CRADLE of GOLF The Remarkable Story of Golf's True Scottish Home. 1821 The Dunn brothers, Jamie and Willie Snr. were born in Musselburgh. One of the most famous of early golfing dynasties.

OGF F5-F9-F12 Learn to use the hands properly Henry Cotton 1980

Awaken The Hands

The Basic Fundamentals

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Stance grip body pivot etc while important matters not golf fundamentals

"If the shot is to be pushed the hands remain ahead of the ball at impact. If an ordinary shot is required, then the wrist can be allowed to 'throw' or 'flick' the club. Poor golfers often slice because of an untrained right hand." Henry Cotton

Cut Spin Open Slice By Vivien Saunders Open champion

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Download : "We are already familiar with the spin to the right which produces slice" in 'The Short Game' Lesson IV, The essential principles of approach play, Lessons in Golf By Alex Smith, Open Champion, United States and Western Open Champion, and "but the left one is held back a trifle, just as in the driving stroke," New York, Arthur Pottow, 48 West 27th Street 1907, Copyright 1907 by Arthur Pottow Grannis Press New York, Page 72, 81.

"The actual zone of the approach shot begins, let us say, at a hundred and twenty-five yards from the green. The heavily lofted clubs - the mashie and niblick - put on under spin, which stops the ball comparatively dead; the other iron clubs put on over spin, which causes the ball to run. These then are the essential principles of approach play - the right thumb down the shaft, the stiff or flexible wrists, and the hands, either kept behind the club or pushed through in advance of it." Alex Smith, Carnoustie, Scotland


A Theory Sure To Give Results Golf Fundamentals Seymour Dunn