"It is highly desirable that we have all the hand strength it is possible for us to acquire. The reason why many players "slice" is because they either do not have strong hands or they fail to use their hand strength at the critical moment when the power of the stroke is to be transmitted to the ball." Dunns of Musselburgh Scotland

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Download : 'USE YOUR HANDS, i. e. Prevent Leverage Collapse' "The left hand must bear back against the right." DUNNS' Original Golf Fundamentals, Musselburgh, Scotland.


"If You Wind Yourself Like A Spring..."

"If the hands and arms are the transmission of the swing, in that they transmit power to the clubhead, then the source of that power, the engine, is body action.

And the fuel for the engine is torque, the turning of the body around the axis of the spine under a steady head. I like to compare body action in the golf swing to the winding and unwinding of a spring.

Working as a swinging unit, the arms, wrists and hands supply some power to the shot, although their main function is to transmit to the clubhead the much greater power generated by the winding and unwinding of the body.

The wrists cock and uncock purely as a result of centrifugal force created by the weight of the clubhead and the swinging of the arms. Doing things deliberately with your wrists is a sure way to founder your game.

Every good golfer in history has swept the club through the ball fast and freely with his arms. Playing golf is simple - it's two turns and a swish.

Henry Cotton says "use the hands" - that therein lies the key to golf.

I would agree with him if...

The golf ball cannot be struck powerfully and accurately with any action other than that comparable to the wind-up and release of a coil spring. "

Practical Golf (1972) By John Jacobs


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"Good timing of the golf stroke is the secret of both distance and direction. The most common fault in golf is slicing. This is caused by bad timing of the stroke, the wrists failing to snap the club head thru on time." Dunns of Musselburgh Scotland

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