"It is highly desirable that we have all the hand strength it is possible for us to acquire. The reason why many players "slice" is because they either do not have strong hands or they fail to use their hand strength at the critical moment when the power of the stroke is to be transmitted to the ball." Dunns of Musselburgh Scotland

"A Moderate Arm and Shoulder Sweep Plus A Terrific Snap" Seymour Dunn 1922

"It has been said that the power which drives a golf ball is centrifugal force. It is not centrifugal force.

The hands are the main driving force. The ideal swing is a moderate arm and shoulder sweep plus a terrific wrist snap.

The power we get from the right arm is in the form of a right fore-arm slap, and not in the form of a right hook punch from the right shoulder as in boxing.

The majority of players who fail in transmission of power do so because their left hands fails to act as a fulcrum for the right hand to strike against. The left hand must bear back against the right.

This back pressure of the left hand must be exerted at the moment of impact if you are to overcome the resistance of the ball.

Use your hands i.e. prevent leverage collapse."

Snap The Clubhead Thru Exercise Seymour Dunn

Download : 'USE YOUR HANDS, i. e. Prevent Leverage Collapse' "The left hand must bear back against the right." DUNNS' Original Golf Fundamentals, Musselburgh, Scotland.


"A Sort Of Left Hand Against The Right"
Sir Henry Cotton 1980

"When I studied Bobby Jones's swing I found that his hand action was particularly slack and loose. Yet, when people asked him about it, he said there was a buffer action in the swing. He wrote about this, but I do not think that many understood what he meant.

In other words, there was in his swing a sort of left hand against the right, a resistance to the right somewhere, and I think people overlooked that, and still do.

Educate Your Hands At Henry Cotton's University

Now, when a lot of players today write on the game, they ignore it too.

No golfer is better than his hands. I repeat this statement often.

Yet we have thousands upon thousands of golfers looking for something else wrong in their swing when they mishit the ball.

They do not want to know about the hands."

"A sort of a shot backwards" By Sir Henry Cotton 1986

The Henry Cotton Celebrity Golf Lesson With Sandy Gall 1986 VHS Available on Amazon "In other words, there was in his swing a sort of left hand against the right, a resistance to the right hand somewhere, and I think people overlooked that, and still do" in THANKS FOR THE GAME The Best of Golf HENRY COTTON Page 169 1980


Cut Spin Open Slice By Vivien Saunders Open champion

Loose Firm Control Landing on the green and stopping By Vivien Saunders OBE Women's British Open Champion 1977 British Sports Coach of The Year VHS and DVD Golf from tee to green Available on Amazon

Download : "We are already familiar with the spin to the right which produces slice" in 'The Short Game' Lesson IV, The essential principles of approach play, Lessons in Golf By Alex Smith, Open Champion, United States and Western Open Champion, and "but the left one is held back a trifle, just as in the driving stroke," New York, Arthur Pottow, 48 West 27th Street 1907, Copyright 1907 by Arthur Pottow Grannis Press New York, Page 72, 81.

"Good timing of the golf stroke is the secret of both distance and direction. The most common fault in golf is slicing. This is caused by bad timing of the stroke, the wrists failing to snap the club head thru on time." Dunns of Musselburgh Scotland


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