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"At the moment of impact the hands work not together but against each other. The left hand must bear back against the right. Immediately prior to and during the moment of the club's contact with the ball, the right hand speeds up the club head. It cannot do this if the left hand fails to offer a backward resistance against the upper end of the club handle. This back pressure of the left hand must be exerted at the moment of impact." Original Golf Fundamentals, Musselburgh, Scotland


Snap The Clubhead Thru Exercise Seymour Dunn is Hit-and-Stop Henry Cotton Method 24.1.51


"This back pressure of the left hand must be done at the moment of impact if you are to overcome the resistance of the ball." By The Dunns of Musselburgh, Scotland, 1897, 1907, 1922, 1930, 1934

The Full Swing Stroke by Seymour Dunn 1922

Download : "The left hand has to bear back against the right." Original Golf Fundamentals, Dunns of Musselburgh, Scotland, 1922 (page 115), 1930, 1934

Download : "Dunn was tutored by Tom Morris" By H. S. C. Everard 'THE BADMINTON LIBRARY of SPORTS AND PASTIMES 1890 XIV. SOME CELEBRATED GOLFERS page 341 ; "about 1851, appointed custodian of Prestwick Links, just then newly established as a golf course" page 349 ; and "the twa Dunns, Willie and Jamie, graund players baith, nane better" old Tom Morris, 1886, page 430

What We Learned From 5 Million Books By TEDx

Google Labs' Ngram Viewer snap of the wrists 1800 - 2019

Download : "the hands in a way really work in opposition to each other...This momentary stoppage is not discernible to the eye, but it exists just the same." Building Up A Game, Fifth of a Series of Articles Taking Up in Complete Detail a Course in Golf Instruction By Walter J. Travis, THE AMERICAN GOLFER, 1920

Download : "Carrying on the tradition of the DUNNS, Bob, son of Seymour, is the present professional at Whiteface Inn. DUNN SETS COURSE RECORD AT MALONE. Setting a new course record of 68 over the Whippoorwill course in Malone on Sunday, Bob Dunn, pro at the Whiteface Inn course won the final Northern New York proamateur golf tournament of the season. Hitting his shots with deadly accuracy the tall Whiteface shotmaker fired fifteen successive par holes, winding up with a birdie, par, birdie. He was out in 35 strokes and in with 33. Hike Tyrell of the Saranac golf club finished in fourth place with 72." 'LAKE PLACID NEWS Mirror of The Adirondacks', September 6, 1940

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