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"I should like, first of all, to say that it is not the grip that makes the champion. But at the same time I strongly insist that there is too much of the overlapping grip amongst the bulk of golfers to-day. It is a fashion, and a good fashion, but not one to be slavishly followed. I like "swipe" better than "sweep," because "swipe" has something of "hit" in it." Sandy Herd

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"Just before the moment of impact, the right hand and right arm begin to take charge of the swing and the wrists uncock. One great principle is that the fingers, wrists and forearm supply the motive power necessary to propel the ball. It must also be remembered that great physical strength is not necessary. Any power applied by the shoulder is wasted effort. Firmness of finger-grip, and firmness of the wrists and forearms are necessary to prevent looseness of hitting. It is the left-hand wrist and forearm that guide the direction, and the left side braced against a straight left leg as the ball is hit." Craig Wood

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Download : "Here is the greatest mistake of all in golfing theory... It is not correct to sweep "the whole lot" through." and "...he will use 85 per cent. wrists and 15 per cent. arms and shoulders to produce his maximum impact speed... one of America's foremost instructors, gives the same figures in his estimate of the way the power is applied... implies effort, will power and resistance, for the golf-club is more or less a lever and the left hand resists the hit of the right hand." Henry Cotton The British Newspaper Archive 'Facts and Ideas', Sport & Country, 24.1.51 Open Champion 1934, 1937 and 1948

"Keep the wrists fully cocked until the hands are about waist-high. This is the hitting area, and now is the time to uncock the wrists so that the club-head accelerates to maximum speed at impact - To produce straight shots, the face of the club must at impact be square to the ball and to the intended line of flight. At the moment of impact in the orthodox swing the left arm is straight and the right arm close into the body. Both hands should now be used fully, to give maximum speed to the club-head." Bill Cox


Download : "It is all very well to say 'sweep the ball away'. But no golf ball was ever sent a long way without some sort of resistance creeping into the swing - without hitting past the body and allowing the clubhead to overtake the hands... Now what sort of resistance can be found? I have played with the maximum amount of hands and arms in my swing all my life, ..." HENRY COTTON My Golfing Album Country Life Limited London Published in 1959

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