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"The majority of players who fail in transmission of power, do so because their left hand fails to act as a fulcrum for the right hand to strike against. The left hand has to bear back against the right." ORIGINAL GOLF FUNDAMENTALS, Musselburgh, Scotland, 1897, 1907, 1922, 1930 and 1934

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Just before impact left wrist begins to supinate Ben Hogan 1957 Henry Cotton 1964 Bear Back


Download : "...What are the major things a golfer must do to be correctly poised and positioned as he hits through the ball? He will be essentially correct in the impact area if he learns to execute three major movements. 1) He must initiate the downswing by turning the hips to the left. 2) He must hit through to the finish of his swing in one cohesive movement, hitting with his hips, shoulders, arms and hands, in that order. 3) He must start to supinate his left wrist just before impact. This is, essentially, all he need concentrate on." The Modern Fundamentals of Golf The Grip Stance and Posture First published in the United States SIMON & SCHUSTER Copyright © 1957 By Ben Hogan With Herbert Warren Wind Drawings by Anthony Ravielli

instruction on "How not to Slice" rather than on "How to Slice,"

Download : "For the most part the literature on Golf, after describing the method of playing the easier, or what are generally termed the everyday strokes, goes on to give instruction in the advanced game, dealing with such master-strokes as, for instance, the intentional slice. Now it is well known that ninety-nine per cent. of the golfers of the present day require instruction on "How not to Slice", rather than on "How to Slice," and therefore a work describing what is often a fault is, in my opinion, no book for the long handicap man... The following points, however, may be borne in mind: (a) Speed must be gained gradually, as the least suspicion of a jerk at the top means that perfect control of the club is impossible; (b) The club should be travelling at its fastest when it passes THROUGH the ball...

Download : "Having let the club pass through the ball as fast as possible, allow the hands to go freely out after the ball (see plate), and then let the club head continue along the rim of our wheel, as it was doing in the downward swing." "THE FIRST MONTH" The Driver 'FIRST STEPS TO GOLF' BY G.S. BROWN MEMBER OF THE COCKERMOUTH GOLF CLUB (+ 2) THE OLD COLWYN GOLF CLUB (+ 2); AND OF THE KESWICK GOLF CLUB WITH 94 ILLUSTRATIONS FROM PHOTOGRAPHS BY G. P. ABRAHAM, FR.P.S., KESWICK AND 9 DIAGRAMS MILLS & BOON, LIMITED 49 RUPERT STREET LONDON, W. Published 1913

it is not correct to sweep "the whole lot" through

At the moment of impact Dunn

Download : "In Paris, however, people who have adopted the automobile for their carriage work have chiefly had recourse to electricity as the means of propulsion. The electric carriages shown at the exhibition, as well as those to be seen on the Paris streets, are vehicles of great luxury, and consequently very expensive... At present the batteries can only store sufficient energy to drive the vehicles about 100 kilometres. They are consequently not used for work outside the city, where charging stations are few and far between." 'The Popular Electric Car of Paris THE PARIS AUTOMOBILE SHOW THE CHANGE FROM MERE SPEED TO COMFORT' By WILLIAM L. WARDEN 1902 March Vol. XXXIX No. 6 p. 694-701

"A favorite phrase nowadays is "timing the club," by which is meant the securing of the full power of the wrists, arms and body at the moment when the actual hit is made. The phrase is a good one, but unless the coach can explain how to bring about this desirable result the mere words will not help the beginner much. My theory is that this "timing" is dependent upon keeping back the left elbow, thereby enabling the full force of the stroke to be brought into the ball." FIRST PRINCIPLES, Carnoustie, Scotland, 1907